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Philemon - (ESV) Audio Bible ( 6 Chapters in Playlist )

Philemon is a very short book with a very important message. From prison,Paul wrote this letter to his friend, a prominent and wealthy. Christian man named Philemon. According to the customs of his time, Philemon was a slave-owner. His slave, Onesimus, escaped, went to Rome, became converted, and met Paul. When Paul realized what happened, he decided to write Philemon and encourage reconciliation and forgiveness between the two men.

 Paul, handled this matter very well, in an orderly fashion. Relationships among Christians are not perfect, and there are times when a third party needs to be involved. When this happens, interactions must take place in order and with the right heart attitudes.

 Paul opens his letter by addressing Philemon as "dearly beloved," making sure to show respect and affection for a fellow believer. He then affirms Philemon's work and ministry before confronting Philemon with the need to take Onesimus back as his slave and receive him as a Christian brother. Throughout this letter, there is a tone of friendship and unity in Christ. Paul's humility and genuine love for both Philemon and Onesimus are evident and allow him to make a bold request for their reconciliation. 

 Let Paul's letter to Philemon serve as an example for handling relationships in an orderly way, and let it encourage you to handle all of your relationships properly, with a humble heart and seek to bring love, forgiveness, and restoration everywhere you go.
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