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The Book of Hebrews: 
Jesus is superior to everything in heaven and on earth.  In Jesus, we have the best possible covenant and the best possible mediator of that covenant. When we have Him, we have everything we need. The blessings of the new covenant are made real in our lives through Faith. 

Simply, put the book of Hebrews is about "better things." written to believers under pressure to turn back to their former Jewish faith or to mix Judaism with Christianity  this book emphasizes a new and better covenant that we have with God through Jesus Christ, and Jesus Himself as the Mediator of the New covenant. Hebrews exalts Jesus' supremacy over all Kinds of former things, such as prophets, angels, and God's spokesmen (Moses, Aaron and Joshua). It clearly reveals the superiority of the new covenant over old religious places and things, such as the tabernacle, the sacrificial system, and the old covenant. 

Hebrews contains a thorough description of Jesus as our Great high priest and mankind's once-for-all perfect sacrifice for sin. It also includes and addresses the extreme importance of faith in our lives, for the new covenant is experienced through faith, and includes the "Hall of Faith" in chapter 11 and such well known verses as: "...let us run with patient endurance and steady and active persistence the appointed course of the race that is set before us" (Hebrews 12:1), and, "Jesus Christ (the Messiah) is (always) the same, yesterday, today, (yes) and forever..." (Hebrews 13:8) 

As you read or listen the book of Hebrews, I pray that God gives you continual revelation about the New Covenant you have with Him through Jesus Christ and that you are able to receive and enjoy everything that belongs to you through that relationship. 

 Hebrews - (ESV) Audio Bible ( 13 Chapters in Playlist )

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