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The Book of Galatians:
Paul addresses and gives importance to a subject that is very important to all believers through the grace of God. Many people tend to approach GOD through the law, that is simply by doing what is right and obeying the "rules" of Christianity. This is called "Legalism."

Galatians teaches us that we approach GOD through grace that is simply God's power at work in us, causing us to want to obey him and enabling us to do so legalism teaches that we obey God out of obligation; Grace teaches that we obey out of love. Legalism urges us to "act right" through works of the flesh, while grace enables us to "be right" by the power of the HolySpirit. 

Throughout the short but life-changing letters of Galatians, you will find encouragement to live and walk "in the spirit" Only as you invite the Holy Spirit into your life and ask him to help you in every situation will you truly be able to live in a way that pleases God. Without the Holy spirit's help and enablement, all of us are left to live as best we can in our own strength. But, with the help of the holy spirit, we can relax, stop striving and enjoy life! 

As you read or listen to Galatians, I pray that God's awesome grace becomes more real to you and that you will be able to live in God's grace and walk in the power of the Holy Spirit for the rest of your life. 

Galatians - (ESV) Audio Bible ( 6 Chapters in Playlist )

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